Message of the President to the New Employees

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to choose and join Qiya Electronic. We are appreciated that you decide to devote your wisdom and youth to this big family. Hopefully we will go through thick and thin and work together to promote the development of the company!

Able and responsible men are valued on this open platform. We respect, understand and trust each other. You can fully exert your talent and wisdom on this platform!

No pain, no gain. Your return is "measured by data" on this platform. Of course, one's value in his career is not just measured by money, but more by the chances to learn and grow. We'll provide more chances and room for development, create an environment for fair competition, and for the survival of the fittest. More chances will favor you as long as you study modestly and make continuous progress. We advise you to keep a far-sighted vision and set your long-term goal!

The work, as an embodiment of attitude, determines whether we can lead a happy life. One spends most of the life on his career. Whether to choose an idle life "without worry" or a fulfilling life with hard work, it is entirely up to you. But keep in mind, no pain, no gain, that is, a happy life is achieved through struggle!

May you work fruitfully and live happily in Qiya!


Promotion path

We pay attention to personnel management and improvement of professional competence.
Skill training and professional evaluation are held for the willing staff, to lay a solider foundation for their career development.

  • Sound personnel training system

    We have established and hold targeted training to our staff at all levels subject to their demands, to improve their work and professional skills.

  • Smooth promotion channel

    According to the principle of "survival of the fittest", we appoint jobs to the competent staff and explore, reserve and promote experienced operation and management personnel so as to give play to their talent.

  • Explicit competition & incentive mechanism

    The performance of the employees is appraised monthly and annually and the fittest survive under the "fair, just and open" principle, and the salary, position, level and personal planning will be adjusted based on the appraisal results.

  • Clear career planning

    We value and care every employee, and actively guide the staff’s career planning and design, to promote the common growth and development of the staff and the company.

Jobs board

  • Position
    Education background
    Number of recruitment
  • RD Technician

    Job Requirements:

    1. Male or female, bachelor degree or above, English CET-4 or above;

    2. Major in electronics, chemistry, or materials;

    3. Master the application of basic office software;

    4. Work conscientiously and have a good team spirit

    5. Experience in aluminum electrolytic capacitors is preferred


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