R&D Center

Technological Innovation

With experienced researchers, technicians and management staff as well as imported cutting-edge manufacturing and testing equipment, Qiya is able to develop world-class aluminum capacitors. Material achievements have been made in terms of long lifespan, high temperature and high ripple resistance and LOWESR. The technology employed has reached an advanced level comparing with the similar products in Japan. We cooperate with universities, research institutes and experts at home and abroad to research and develop first-class capacitor and electrode foil manufacturing technologies in China.

  • High temperature resistance
  • High ripple resistance
  • Long lifespan
  • High voltage withstand capability

R & D Center

Research Orientation: development of small, slender, flame retardant and safe aluminum electrolytic capacitors;
Core Technologies: technologies of high ripple resistance, high temperature resistance (130 ℃), high frequency resistance & low impedance, and long lifespan (105 ℃, 12000h) etc. Qiya Electronic is now developing new core technologies, namely flame retarding and impact & vibration resistance for the products.

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    Research and development center

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    The engineering department

Quality Assurance

Qiya Electronic ensures "zero" product defect and seek client satisfaction through independent development of quality data collection and analysis system,
automatic data collection for process and product ability analysis, establishment of sound quality assurance system,
bar code scanning management system, and optimization of internal and external communication channels.


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